Very great staff. Very nice people. New lasers for tattoo removal and scar reduction.
The owners work themselves.
Cheapest prices for services in the area.
Highly recommend!!!*

- Eli A. (Via Google)

The owners/operator are very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I am always greeted warmly and offered a drink. The office is always clean and waiting area is comfortable.

I’m extremely pleased with the results I’m seeing particularly after a previously unsuccessful experience. I attribute this to their top notch equipment. With regard to treatments, the cold air and an iced roller numb the area and pain is minimal. After treatments I have never experienced pain, bleeding, or other side effects.

The addition of an aesthetician is exciting and I look forward to trying other services they now offer.*

- Jennifer D. (Via Yelp)

I’ve had multiple treatments at Vanishing Ink and the experience from beginning to end has been wonderful! The prices are reasonable, the facility is very clean, and the staff is professional and very nice. I highly recommend them!*

- Susie S. (Via Yelp)

Great prices, friendly staff, they do great work.*

- Eric M. (Via Google)

Love this place! Beautiful office and the most friendly team! I’ve been getting a tattoo removed here for the past 5 months and I can say I wouldn’t feel comfortable going anywhere else! Highly recommend!*

- Lyndsey U. (Via Google)

Great experience all around. The staff is extremely professional and will trained. They use a top of the line laser that removes all colors of ink. I am very excited about this place opening last month at the perfect time right when i was ready for treatments!

I had my first treatment on two separate tattoos a little over a week ago and already am seeing very noticeable results. One is 4 years old, that one I am having some of the black ink removed so i can improve it, some of the lines are already completely gone. The other one I’m lightening to have it redone since the artist did a sloppy job. It is only 4 months old which makes it harder to remove than an older tattoo and it’s pretty large, it has dramatically lightened overall and i already think it looks better. They told me they will continue to fade over the next 5 weeks and i have already seen it get lighter throughout the first week.

The process actually hurt a lot less then when i got the tattoo and only took about ten minutes for both tattoos, and one covers my entire shoulder. I have very sensitive skin and i did not experience any blistering or bleeding whatsoever. Twelve years ago I had two small tattoos laser removed by a plastic surgeon and had both reactions afterwards so i feel like this laser is much more gentle while being much more effective.

They also have discounts if you choose to pay for multiple treatments at once. I took advantage of the deal and am looking forward to going back for my next treatment in a month from now.*

- Lea J. (Via Yelp)

*Individual results may vary.

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